The Israeli Association of Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy – IAAAP


  1. IAAAP is a non-profit institution and it's goal is the professional advancement of Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy (AAP)
  2. IAAAP will be in contact with similar professional associations in Israel and in the world.
  3. There is nothing in Clause 1 that negates the salaried employment of managers and/or employees in other positions
  4. The employment of salaried managerial workers and/or people in other positions is conditional to the annual approval of the general assembly.

קרא עוד...

The Child and the Animal and the Potential Space Between:
A Comparison of Animal-Assisted Education and Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy

Tamar Axelrad Levi and Dr. Michal Motro

Translated by Dr. Michal Motro and Maggie O’Haire

The David Yellin Academic College of Education

The Institute for Teacher-Training Specializing in Animal-Assisted Therapy

קרא עוד...

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